Madame's Story, Finally.

Before Paul Bocuse, before Alain Ducasse, before Jacque Pepin, or Robuchon, or Buloud, Keller, Bourdain, Redzepi or Marco Piere White, there was Eugenie Brazier. Born a poor French farm girl born in 1895, Brazier was the first to hold the most Michelin stars simultaneously, six in total. Her influence lives on in the  modern professional kitchen, and in the many famous chefs who studied under her including the "father" of French cuisine, Paul Bocuse. But Eugenie Brazier has all but vanished from the pages of culinary history. This one hour pilot, slated for release on American Public Television (PBS) and video-on-demand in 2018, brings Madame Brazier out of the darkness and into the spotlight, as she takes her rightful place among the world's greatest chefs.

"This exceptional woman taught all of us about flavors and gave us a taste for hard work and work well done. There would have been no success for any of us without her."
- Paul Bocuse
"Brazier is the godmother, the original master, teacher, chef, force. Her influence runs right through every kitchen that has come since."
- Anthony Bourdain
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