The Crush, Season 2

Season two of THE CRUSH started out on California's beautiful Central Coast, and moved on to one of France's hottest wine producing regions, the Rhone Valley. But only those contestants who survived a grueling 18-hour day in the vineyards made the amazing journey to France, and only one will earn the title of winemaker and launch their own wine label back in the USA . 

Season Two: The Harvest Challenge

Season two of The Crush began at Conway Family Wines in Rancho Arroyo Grande on California's coast. Only the survivors of this first challenge will head to France's Rhone Valley.

Season Two: Leap of Faith

What does cleaning out an irrigation pond full of algae have to do with winemaking? Season 2 contestants find out that making wine requires a lot of hard work, and the competition has only just begun. 

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Judges Day Off


The judges do a little informal wine tasting on their day off in the Rasteau wine region of France's Rhone Valley during shooting of season two. 

The Markets of France


One of the best reasons to visit France, and there many reasons, are the open air markets. Cast coordinator visits the village of Nyons in the Rhone Valley to do a little food shopping for the cast & crew. 

Behind the Scenes

On Location in the Amazing Rhone Valley

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