A Pair of Fresh Eyes

After nearly 20 years in the television business, I have learned a thing or two about how TV shows move from conceptual inception, into production, through post and finally, delivery to the network. I certainly don’t know everything, but I do know you can expect some bumps and turns along the way; some pivots and about-faces, and a lot of hard work by dedicated people who want to make the show great. And there's another thing I've learned, all shows can benefit from a pair of fresh eyes.


Here are three ways I can help ...




Is This Really Your Best Side?

A good concept and a great sizzle reel is just the beginning. 

Seeing the Forest for the Trees.

We get "stuck" sometimes, it's all part of the creative process.

"Write," What's Wrong.

Sometimes the problem is what you hear, not what you see.

Are all the elements featured in the sizzle reel or proof-of-concept really there? And where does the best part of the concept live, and how do you get there? I can help.

  • Research storylines

  • Character & story casting

  • Develop Growth Potential

There are few things more soul crushing for a producer than a rough cut that just can't get approved. I can help here, but I can also help before you even get stuck.

  • Review Beat Sheets & Grids

  • Review Cuts

  • Review Cuts Across Episodes

Good narration shoud create an impression in the viewer's mind that forms and flows naturally with what they are watching and learning. But sometimes a little help is nice.


  • Polish Narration

  • Improve Story Telling

  • Help Set Tone, Style & Consistency  




My rates are affordable and upfront. I'll send you a rate card so you know what the costs are before contracting.

I work fast. Depending on the scope, I can turn around notes within 24-hours, sometimes even within the same day.

I'm a one-person consultancy so it's just me you will be working with. And no one needs to know. That's up to you.